Avaldsnes and Viking farm places of interest

The Viking Farm

Avaldsnes Viking Farm

After 10 minutes of leisurely walking through the picturesque area of Avaldnes, the road led us to a wooden bridge leading to the Bukkøy island (read more )

The Viking House

Vikings house, Avaldsnes

In the center of the Viking farm is a residential building built in 1997. This is a reconstruction of a real Norwegian house from 950, discovered by archaeologists in the Oma village of Rugaland province (read more )

St. Olav's Church of Avaldsnes (Avaldsnes kirke)

St. Olav's Church of Avaldsnes

One of the oldest churches in Norway is located on the highest hill in Avaldsnes. The sagas tell that a wooden сhurch was built on this site by Olav Tryggvason (read more )