Geiranger. Fishing on the pier

Going Down the Eagleroad , we ended up in the village of Geiranger - located at the end of the Geirangerfjord. In the village lives only about three hundred inhabitants. Residents earn almost exclusively on tourism. In Geiranger will carry out regular flights passenger ships of the Hurtigruten, and also come more than a hundred cruise ships a year.

Geiranger panorama Geiranger

in addition to the beauty of nature, Geirangerfjord is famous for fishing.

Geiranger, fishing

In the fjord usual cod, haddock, Pollock, salmon, and other fish species.

Geiranger, fishing

fishing in the Geirangerfjord no license is required, as in many other places.

Geiranger, fishing

I watched a family of fishermen about five minutes, during which time it was caught three fish. Good result.

Geiranger, fishing Geiranger, fishing Geiranger, fishing