Haugesund Places of Interest

Night Smedasundet Promenade

Night Haugesund, the Smedasundet Promenade

After checking into the Scandic hotel and having a quick snack, I went to a night photo shoot. After three quarters on a completely empty street, I was on the waterfront of the Smedasundet strait (read more )

Shopping Streets


At the Civic museum (Karmsund Folkemuseum) I turned onto Kaigata and walked through the shopping district (read more )

Marilyn Monroe Statue

Marilyn Monroe monument, Haugesund

On the waterfront, next to the Rica Maritim Hotel, is the pride of the city - a monument to the great Marilyn Monroe. It would seem that what does the iconic American actress to the Norwegian fishing village? (read more )

Risøybrua Bridge, Haugesund

Risøybrua bridge, Haugesund

The bridge was opened on may 14, 1939. the memorial plaque says that the bridge was built in 354 days by 60 workers. The length of the structure is 361 meters, the height above the water is 22 meters (read more )

Haugesund views from the Risøybrua bridge

Hasseløy island, Haugesund

While walking around Haugesund, take the time to climb the Risøybrua bridge, which offers wonderful views of the city and its surroundings (read more )

Smedasundet Embankment

Smedasundet Embankment, Haugesund

Surveyed in Haugesund and the surrounding area from the height of the Risøybrua bridge, I went on a morning walk along the promenade (read more )

Panoramic photo of Haugesund

View from Risøybrua bridge. Haugesund panoramnc photo

Night and day panoramic views of the city (read more )

Tidebris, high-speed catamaran in Haugesund

MS Tidebris catamaran, Haugesunn

From 2007 to 2013, Norled's Bergen-Haugesund-Stavanger (Flaggruten) high-speed line was served by the catamaran Tidebris (read more )

Haugesund Walking Route