Haugesund. Shopping street Haraldsgata and Sørhauggata

Shopping street Sørhauggata, the business center of the city. Shops and offices are mostly in wooden houses.

Haugesund. Shopping street Sørhauggata

Can you imagine the level of prices in Norway... -(1 Krone ~7ruble). To think that the income of residents allows you to buy bikes at this price. By the way, in my village residents twice, and specialized Bicycle store...

Haugesund.Shopping street Sørhauggata

As there is no art salon. Sell, of course similar items in "stores", but to a specialty store only in the regional center...and even then not immediately find it.

Haugesund. Shopping street Sørhauggata

Well, and store in our districts, too, can not be found.

Haugesund. Shopping street Sørhauggata Haugesund.Shopping street Sørhauggata

Haraldsgate walking Street (Haraldsgata).

Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street

it is Difficult to imagine why such shopping street in the town with a population of 34 thousand inhabitants. Well, since the shops are, hence the buyers are...

Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street

Fundamental stone building looks like something even inappropriate in a number of neat white houses.

Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street

And the rest, on the street all pleasing to the eye and benches surrounded by flower beds,

Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street

and small sculptural forms.

Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street. panorama

At the end of the street is a big shopping center Markedet (map).

Haugesund. Haraldsgate walking Street. Haraldsgata