Photowalks in Norway

Gjemnessund bridge (Gjemnessundbrua) - Batnfjorden - Fannefjorden

If before, the ferry was the only means of crossing the fjords, now they are gradually replacing bridges and tunnels. The road network in Norway has been developing very intensively, despite the fact that transport on the roads is not so much as, for example, in Central Europe. Suspension bridge Gianneschi bridge (Gjemnessundbrua) through the Strait Gjemnes was opened in 1992 and until 2013 remained the longest in Norway. The length of the bridge 1257 meters, the main span of 623 meters, and the height above the water is 43 meters. The bridge pylons rise to a height of 108 meters from the water level. The bridge became part of the European route 39.

Western Norway, Halsaford. Gianneschi bridge (Gjemnessundbrua)

Very soon the ultra-modern bridge was faced with a completely unexpected problem that brought the may - day, three-toed gulls. The birds have chosen the ledges of bearing structures of bridges for their nests, creating krupneyshiy colony in Norway. Droppings containing ammonia and salt, quickly began to destroy the concrete and steel reinforcement. All attempts to scare the birds were unsuccessful and after several years was taken at radikalne measures - construction cleared and repaired, then applied a synthetic surface, secured the concrete products from bird life. (photo by http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gjemnessundbrua)

Gianneschi bridge (Gjemnessundbrua)

Continuing our journey along one of the branches of Halsafjord - Batnfjorden.

Western Norway, Halsaford

We have reached the end of Batnfonden. Fjords always end mountain valleys - their slotted sliding into the sea the glacier.

Western Norway, Halsaford,

After tens of kilometers across the valley, we went to another fjord - Romsdalsfjord.

Western Norway, Romsdalfjord

Fannefjorden - one of the branch of Romsdalfjord.

Western Norway, Romsdalfjord

In the East rise the mountain peaks of Trollheimen, illuminated by the setting sun. This "country trolls", which stretches from Romsdal to Sør-Trøndelag, the most picturesque mountain range of Norway.

Western Norway, Romsdalfjord

we Drive to the capital district More og Romsdal, the city of Molde, the road goes along the runway of the airport of Molde.

Western Norway, Romsdalfjord. The airport Molde

Large flat ground in the country of fjords - a rarity, Molde airport is built on a narrow strip sandwiched between the mountains and the water.

Western Norway, Romsdalfjord. Airport Molde