Røros. Nilsenhjørnet park. Miner and his Wife Monument

Between the post office and the railway station is a neat little park Nilsenhjørnet.

Røros, Nilsenhjørnet park

There is a monument "Miner and his wife" (Bergmannen og hans hustru). On the pedestal we see the symbols 1644, the date of the mine foundation, and 1965, the year when the monument installed. The mine operated until 1977, thus it worked for exactly 333 years.

Røros. Miner and his wife monument (Bergmannen og hans hustru)

The park is surrounded by buildings that do not have colored facades, like houses on the main street of the town, where traders, civil servants and the management of the mining company lived. Miners and copper factory workers had modest log houses, without siding.

Røros. Wooden architecture

The main building material is wood.

Røros. Wooden architecture

"Fish scales" on the roof are nothing but stone plates. Often to preserve the heat of the roof covered with turf. These roofs look like real flowerbeds during the summer blooming.

Røros. Wooden architecture