Sogn og Fjordane, Country of Glaciers


Horndøla river rapids

In 8 kilometers from Hellesylt we left "The County of Fjords" Møre og Romsdal and crossed the border of Sogn og Fjordane province, is also rich in fjords, but better known as "The Country of Glaciers, namely the Jostedalsbreen national park with the largest glacier in Europe (read more )

Stryn, Summer Ski Resort

Stryn, Fjordvejen

We drive up to the small town Stryn, the center of the commune of the same name, located in the farthest part of the Nordfjord (read more )

Fjordvegen - Loen


Loen, one of the most popular resorts of Norway. The town is located in a picturesque valley between lake Lovatnet and the Nordfjord (read more )

Fjordvegen - Olden


The small town of Olden is located at the end of Nordfjord, in the Oldebukta gulf (read more )

Oldevatnet Lake. Oldedalsvegen

Oldevatnet Lake. Olden Camping

After the town of Olden, the section that runs along the lakes Floen and Oldevatnet begins, which is called Oldedalsvegen (read more )

Briksdalsbre Village

Briksdalsbre village

The walk to the glacier ended with a return to the tiny village where the walking route begins (read more )

Briksdalsbreen glacier

Briksdalsbreen glacier

Finally, after walking about two kilometers from the village of brixdalen through the most picturesque valley of The same name, about 40 minutes later I almost reached the foot of the ice tongue  (read more )

Norwegian Glacier Museum

Norwegian glacier museum

The Glacier museum (Norsk Bremuseum) is located in the Jostedalsbreen national park, near the village of Fjærland (read more )

'Our fragile climate' Exposition

Norwegian glacier museum. 'Our fragile climate' exposition

In 2007, the Norwegian Glacier museum opened a new exhibition dedicated to the environmental problems of our planet (read more )