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Trondheim. Market square (Torvet)

Near Royal residence Shopping square (Torvet map).

Trondheim, market square (Torvet) panorama

After the great fire in 1681 Johann Caspar von Cision, Luxembourg military engineer in Danish service, led the restoration of the city. Feature of the project was the wide streets, which hampered the spread of fire on wooden buildings and the new town became a large square.

Trondheim, market square (Torvet) Trondheim, market square (Torvet)

in 1921 In the center of the square was erected a column with a monument to the founder of the city of Olaf Tryggvason, the king of Norway 995 1000 c year, the great-grandson of king Harald Fairhair. Before you become king Olaf lived a violent life, from childhood, been exposed to persecution, many wandered about, lived in Poland, Ireland, was in the retinue of the Novgorod Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovich and, as stated in the Saga, was one of the originators of the baptism of Rus. Becoming king of Norway, began to actively spread Christianity in their lands. In the city there is a tradition during festivals and other events to put on Olaf something on the head. Trondheim is considered the cultural capital of Norway, and similar events are held here abound: Kosmorama international film festival, jazz festival, Blues and chamber music. At the beginning of August in Trondheim held the main religious and cultural festival of the Norwegian festival of St. Olaf.

Trondheim, market square (Torvet) is the monument to Olaf Tryggvason. Olav Tryggvason monument Trondheim, market square (Torvet)

a Wide alley leads from the square to Nidaros Cathedral.

Trondheim, market square (Torvet) Trondheim, market square (Torvet) Trondheim, market square (Torvet) Trondheim, market square (Torvet)

Well, we will head to the Royal street (Kongensgate) to Our Lady Church (Vår Frue Kirke).

Trondheim, Our Lady Church (Vår Frue Kirke)