Haugesund. Church of the Redeemer (Vår Frelsers kirke)

In the Morning there was nowhere to hurry, as the departure was scheduled for 9 hours, which is very late for "gallop" bus tours, but the next plan is to visit opened at 10 o'clock, so we had free time, which was throughout the tour. Yes, and the weather is finally generous to the bright sun. See how looks a former fishing village in the afternoon.

Norway. Haugesund

a small Town, so right behind our hotel is the city Savior (Vår Frelsers kirke map). The construction is not too old, built in 1901, in late Gothic style with modern elements. Architect Einar Halleland (Einar Halleland).

Haugesund.Church of the Savior. Vår Frelsers kirke

Height of the bell tower is 53 meters, the building accommodates 1050 members.

Haugesund. Church of the Savior. Vår Frelsers kirke

Over traditional cross - cheerful Cockerel weathervane. The first time I see such a frivolous item on the Church steeple.

Haugesund. Church of the Savior. Vår Frelsers kirke

one More religious building in a modern spirit.


To the Right of the temple - the building of public libraries (folkebibliotek Haugesund). The library was founded in 1893, but three quarters of a century housed in temporary places. In 1967 the library received a new building. Architect David Sandved has completed the façade in the shape of a book standing on a shelf of volumes. Before the building there is a bust of Wrangel Haakon (Haakon Magne Valdemar Wrangell ), owner of the eponymous shipping company from Haugesund, much has made for development of the city. Haugesund. the building of the public library. Kristiansand folkebibliotek