Hordaland places of interest

Twindefossen waterfall

Twindefossen waterfall

Early in the morning, we left the cozy hotel on the quiet and picturesque lake Oppheimsvannet and headed along the E16 highway towards Bergen. Just a few kilometers later we stop at another miracle of the Norwegian landscape (read more )



Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, until the mid-19th century occupied the first place in the country by population (read more )

Bergen - Steinsdalen


In the afternoon, we left Bergen and took the E39 highway to Åsane, then turned off the E16, which runs along the southern shore of the Sørfjorden (read more )

Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall

Steinsdalsfossen waterfall

A little over an hour after leaving Bergen, we stopped in the Steinsdalen valley, two kilometers from the town of Norheimsund, at another natural attraction (read more )

Steinstø Fruit Farm

Steinstø fruit farm

Now we will get acquainted with The Steinstø fruit farm (Steinstø Fruktgard), located in one kilometer from the Fiksesund bridge (read more )

Hardangervegen and Osvegen


From Fixesund, we drove back along the fv7 highway to Samnanger, at the end of the Samnangerfjord (read more )

Halhjem–Sandvikvåg, Fanafjord Ferry

Fanafjord ferry

In Halhjem, the E39 highway led us to another ferry crossing. There are two routes at once: from the left berth Halhjem-Våge, from the right Halhjem-Sandvikvåg. We're going to Haugesund so we're going right (read more )

Langfossen Waterfall

Langfossen Waterfall

At the end of the Åkrafjorden, three kilometers from the tiny village of Fjæra, there is one of the pearls of Southwestern Norway, where you must make a stop (read more )

Røldal Stavkyrkje

Røldal stavkyrkje

The main fame of the town is brought by one of the oldest buildings in Norway, a wooden church Røldal stavkyrkje, built in the thirteenth century (read more )