Møre og Romsdal Province Cities and Places of Interest

Halsa - Kanestraum Ferry

Halsa-Kanestraum ferry

We continue to move West on the E39 highway. About an hour and a half after leaving Trondheim we saw the waters of the Halsafjord (read more )


Molde Town Hall

The capital of the Møre og Romsdal province originates from a fishing village that appeared in the 11th-12th century, in the 19th century Molde became a fashionable resort and received the unofficial name  the North Nice (read more )

Molde - Vestnes Ferry

Molde-Vestnes ferry

Ferry terminal in Molde is close to the centre, two hundred meters to the East of the square Moldetorget. Here are two quays: close to the city centre are moored ferries of Molde-Sekken line, from next pier Molde-Vestnes ferries departures (read more )

Eidsdal - Linge Ferry

Eidsdal-Linge ferry

From Vestnes to Linge a little more than 60 kilometers on regional roads so the journey takes more than an hour. The route passes through the picturesque area, but the weather today did not contribute to photography (read more )


Geirangerfjord.  Ørnesvingen observation deck

Beyond the Eidsdal pass, you can immediately see the stunning panorama of the Geiranger fjord. This 15 kilometer long branch of the Storfjord is exceptionally beautiful and was included in the UNESCO heritage list in 2005 (read more )

Farms on Langedalen Valley

Langedalen valley, Farm

This part of the highway stretches in the valley of the river Langedalselva, and therefore is called Langedalen. From the road the river is almost invisible, the landscape is diversified only by lonely farms among green fields (read more )