Oslo from board of DFDS ferry

From the ship the eye could reach the shores of the Bay of Bjørvika (Bjørvika).

Oslo. panorama

national Opera house, which was built up ultra-modern the Bjørvika area.

Oslo. panorama Oslo Oslofjord. Oslo. The Oslofjord

Terminal DFDS left astern, the ferry went to the voyage.

Oslo. panorama Oslo. panorama

looks like Akershus fortress from the sea from the height of the tenth deck.

Oslo. Akershus fortress, Akershus Festning, Akershus slott

City hall no longer produces the impression of a huge structure with square Nansen. The deck of the ferry is on the same level with the roof of the Central building.

Oslo. Rathaus, the town hall

Pretty lights perform the role of traffic light in the busy Bay in the Norwegian capital.

Oslo. Oslofjord

On the Western shore, the island of tjuvholmen, visible Museum of modern art Astrup Fearnley (Astrup Fearnley Museet), who moved into the new building on September 29, 2012. A unique building, built of wood and has a glass roof, built partly on the island and separated the water into two parts. Project author - architect Renzo piano. The Museum was established in 1993 based on the collection of shipbuilder and philanthropist Hans Rasmus Astra, including works recognized as classics of contemporary art (Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Matthew Barney), and relatively young artists (Nate Lowman, Frank Benson, etc.). In addition to the permanent exhibition the Museum organizes temporary exhibitions.

Oslo. Oslofjord.  Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

Last look at the city center

Oslo. Oslofjord

Akershus fortress. Oslo. panorama, Akershus fortress, Akershus Festning, Akershus slott

Ferries connect the city center with its numerous Islands, which are also residential areas of the city.

Oslo. Oslofjord Oslo. Oslofjord

Area Holmenkollen is located on a hill and is the highest point in Oslo. Here are the ski jump, the world's oldest Ski Museum, the biathlon track.

Oslo. Oslofjord Oslofjord Oslofjord