Oslo Places of Interest

Akershus Fortress

Akershus Fortress

The most important historical site of the capital of Norway is located on a promontory between Pipervika and Bjørvika bays, and dates back to the 13th century (read more )

Vigeland Sculpture Park (Frogner Park)

Vigeland Monolith, Oslo

To the west of the center of Oslo is the district of Frogner, the Northern part of which occupies a large green array Frognerparken, better known as the "Sculpture park of Vigeland" (read more )


Oslo Opera home

On the north shore of the Bjørvika bay is the National Opera house of Norway (Operahuset), the main venue of the National Opera and ballet and the Norwegian academic Opera house (read more )

Oslo Сity Hall History and Architecture

Oslo City Hall

The most notable building of Fridtjof Nansen square, and perhaps the entire Norwegian capital, is Oslo City Hall (Oslo rådhus) it is an outstanding monument of Scandinavian architecture in the first half of the 20th century (read more )

Pipervika Bay

Historical ships in the Harbor of Pipervika, Oslo

Pipervika is one of the bays of Oslofjord, which cuts right into the city center. There used to be a trading port, and the shores were crowded slums. In the early 20th century the city authorities launched a project of complete reconstruction the shores of the Bay-the port was taken out of the center, leaving only passenger berths (read more )

М314 Alta Minesweeper

М314 Alta, Sauda class minesweeper, Oslo

The ship-monument is located in the heart of Oslo, at the pier of cruise Harbor, near the Akershus castle. Minesweeper class "Sauda" was developed in the fifties in the United States under the us military assistance program to European partners in NATO (read more )

Børøysund Old Steamship

Børøysund steamship, Oslo

At the pier of the Pipervika harbour You can see a steamship of the early 20th century Børøysund (read more )

Styrbjørn Steam Tugboat, Oslo

Styrbjørn tugboat, Oslo

Next to the Børøysund steamship at the walls of Akershus fortress is another historical ship, restored by the Norwegian society of naval veterans (read more )

Rådhusgata Street

Rådhusgata Street, Oslo

At the Kontraskjæret park, the Rådhusgata street begins, extending from the town hall square to the Bjørvika bay, which was the main thoroughfare in old Christiania (read more )

Christiania Torv

Christiania Torv, Oslo

Christiania square, the center of the old city and one of its most beautiful places, is located three hundred meters east of the Town Hall square (read more )

Glove of Christian VI Fountain (Hansken)

Fountain 'The Glove', Oslo

The composition is based on the legend that after the fire of 1624, king Christian IV ordered to rebuild the city in a new place, pointing his finger at the map slightly away from the burned-out quarters (read more )

Savings Bank Building (Sentralen)

Savings Bank Building, Oslo

On Øvre Slottsgate street, 50 meters from Kristiania square, is the headquarters of the savings Bank of Christiania, called Sentralen, built in the national romantic style in 1901 (read more )

DFDS Terminal, Ferry to Copenhagen

DFDS Crown Seaways ferry, Oslo

My walk through the Norwegian capital ended at the DFDS terminal, at the tip of the Akersnes Peninsula, where the Akershus fortress is located. From the town hall square to the terminal about a kilometer and it is quite possible to walk for 10-15 minutes (read more )

Oslo from Board of DFDS Ferry. Pipervika

Pipervika gulf, Oslo

At 17:00, our ferry left the DFDS terminal and went on a voyage to Copenhagen, and go around the Vippetangen cape, the southern tip of the Akersnes peninsula (read more )

Along the Oslofjord by DFDS Ferry


The shores and bays of Oslo were left astern. But until we say goodbye to Norway, our ferry will take several hours to go along the Oslo fjord to the Skagerrak Strait. The fjord cuts deep into the land for 102 kilometers, the Norwegian capital is located at the very end of it (read more )